The number of deaths in Gaza is increasing US-Israeli tension

Months ago, the nearly daily phone calls came to an end. The leaders are now openly arguing over Israel’s war on Hamas, which is the source of their tensions between Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu.
With food shortages and hunger warnings from relief organisations due to Israel’s onslaught, the US declared late last week that its forces will construct a dock to deliver aid to civilians in Gaza. When the Israeli leader did not “pay more attention to the innocent lives being lost,” Biden warned that “he is hurting Israel more than helping Israel.”The public back and forth marked a significant shift from Biden’s vocal support of Israel during the bloodiest Hamas strikes in the nation’s history on October 7. Netanyahu and the US president collaborated closely to provide broad military and diplomatic support. However, with Israel preparing an attack on Rafah, the last significant city in the enclave where residents are seeking refuge, and the Hamas-run Gaza Health Ministry reporting over 30,000 dead, tensions between the Israeli leader and his most significant ally over the civilian death toll have become impossible to hide.