Rajnath Singh

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If a country wants a National Register of Citizens, why should it be opposed: Rajnath Singh

LUCKNOW: No one will be pressured during the enumeration process of the National Population Register (NPR), senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh said on Wednesday.

“If any government official, during the NPR exercise, asks you for your name, address, date of birth, name of your father, when did you come…you won’t be pressurised to answer. Whatever you reveal will be noted down,” Singh said at a pro-CAA BJP rally in Meerut.

Rajnath Singh, also India’s defence minister, reiterated there was no discussion on NRC in the government. “There has been no discussion yet. But even if, hypothetically speaking, a country wants to build a National Register of Citizens, why should it be opposed? Should the country’s citizens not have a register of their own,” he asked.

Source: The Economic Times