Emma Watson

Photo By: Xavier Collin

Happy Birthday Emma Watson: Proof that the Harry Potter actress is the QUEEN of experimental fashion 

After her role as Hermionie in the popular Harry Potter franchise, Emma Watson’s name only grew bigger. She bagged not just magazine covers but lead roles in films like Beauty and the Beast, Perks of Being a Wallflower and Oscar nominated Little Women. Since her Harry Potter days, the actress has come a long way. She is not only an English actress but also an activist who doesn’t hesitate from voicing her opinions. 
Staying in the limelight, Watson has also become a global fashion icon. Her red carpet dresses have been nothing but experimental and we delve straight into them! 

After her stint in the Harry Potter films, Watson wanted to get rid of the girl-next-door image. She chopped off her long locks and went with an experimental pixie haircut. It suited her petite frame and we thought she looked chic as ever in it!

Source: Pinkvilla