Tulsi Gabbard

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A man challenged Tulsi Gabbard to a push-up contest, and he lost

Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard got into an impromptu push-up challenge during a Town Hall meeting recently and emerged victorious. The representative from Hawaii was taking questions from attendees in New Hampshire, when a man asked her if she could take on Joe Biden in push-ups.

“Former Vice President Biden has randomly challenged people in the audience to a push-up contest even if they’re in walkers. Do you think you could take him?” the man asked referencing when former US vice-president challenged an 83-year-old retired farmer to do push-ups with him in the middle of an Iowa town hall last month.

“My educated and informed guess would be yes … But I would take most people to a push-up challenge,” Gabbard, a combat veteran who served in Iraq and a member of the Hawaii Army National Guard replied.

Source: The Indian Express