Shashi Tharoor

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Shashi Tharoor’s petition on menstrual leave draws sharp, and divided, response

Congress Member of Parliament (MP) Shashi Tharoor’s tweet, advocating support for menstrual leave for women in public and private workplaces and calling for its support via a petition, has left Twitter divided, with many diverging opinions emerging on the topic.

In the tweet, Tharoor started by asking, “Do you support Menstrual Leave for Women at Public and Private Workplaces?”

The answer to that, for senior journalist Barkha Dutt, was a firm no.”NO…┬ámenstrual leave ghettoises women, becomes one more excuse to close certain professional doors on women and treats the monthly period as a grand event instead of routine biology,” Dutt tweeted with a link of her article on the topic.

Source: Moneycontrol