Roman Polanski

Photo by Denis Guignebourg/ABACAPRESS.COM [Photo via Newscom]

In the #MeToo Era, Roman Polanski’s Cesars Win Sees More Protests than Appreciation

The ghost of 1977 still haunts Polish master director Roman Polanski. In 1977, he pleaded guilty of having sex with a 13-year-old girl in the US, but escaped from the country before being sentenced. He has never set foot in America since then, but in this #MeToo era, he is hardly ever going to find support or sympathy – although the girl herself had pardoned him and asked that legal proceedings be dropped.

When Polanski won the Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay Awards at the French Cesars (France’s equivalent of the Oscars) the other evening for An Officer and a Spy, there were protests and booing. Several actresses walked out. French star Adele Haenel who revealed last year that she had been sexually molested when she was a child by another director shouted “shame”.