Ratan Tata

Image Source: Techstory

Ratan Tata shares picture flying F18 Super Hornet on 82nd birthday; has a special message for youth

Tata Sons’ Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata is celebrating his 82nd birthday today. He served as Tata Group Chairman for over two decades before retiring at the age of 75 on his birthday in 2012. The tycoon now dedicates his time to philanthropy and also nurtures emerging start-ups. Ratan Tata holds full-time leadership role at Tata Trusts, which owns 66 per cent of the group holding company, Tata Sons.

In his latest Instagram post, Ratan Tata, who’s also a trained pilot, wrote he looks forward with excitement to the new decade ahead. Sharing a picture of him flying the F18 Super Hornet at the Bangalore Aero Show, the businessman wrote: “…(This) is a great time to be relevant, to stand for causes you believe in, to create something from scratch, make special connections, laugh, and write a little bit of history.”

source: Business Today