PM Modi prays close to Adi Kailash while wearing traditional attire

In the Hindu holy site of Gauri Kund in the Uttarakhand area of Pithoragarh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid prayers today and saw the Adi Kailash. He might even catch a peek of Om Parvat from his chopper.The Adi Kailash peak, thought to be Shiva’s home, was the first sight Modi saw during his daylong visit to the border state. He was dressed traditionally, with a white turban and an upper body robe called a “ranga.”

Additionally, he performed aarti at the Shiva Parvati temple near Parvati Kund in Jolingkong and folded his hands in prayer in front of Adi Kailash.

He then travelled to the Gunji village and talked to the residents there.