Mukesh Khanna

Photo Credit: IMDb

Mukesh Khanna on his struggle before Mahabharat: ‘People labelled me as a flop actor, I was deeply disappointed’

Mukesh Khanna, who shot to fame as the Bhishma Pitamah of BR Chopra’s Mahabharat before making it big as Shakiman, has credited the show for bringing about a massive change in his acting career. The actor has revealed he was so disappointed with his series of flops that he refused to face people.

The actor told Times of India in an interview, “Before bagging the role in Mahabharat, I had done many films that were big flops. People labelled me as a flop actor and I was deeply disappointed with the way things were going. When I travelled by train, people used to recognise me and ask me if I was Mukesh Khanna, but I used to deny it and say I was his brother. I just did not want to face people. However, after Mahabharat, life took a new turn and I am happy that I did justice to my role and people loved me for it.”

Source: Hindustan Times