Kalpana Ramesh

Photo Credit: The Hindu

Women’s Day 2020: ‘Be a water warrior,’ posts another woman achiever from PM’s social media account

The fourth woman achiever to take on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s social media accounts on the occasion of Women’s Day on Sunday was Kalpana Ramesh.

Kalpana is a crusader in the fight against water scarcity who puts novel ideas and techniques in place to ensure that our future generation and the environment has enough of it to survive and thrive.

“I never imagined I could bring back birds to a lake or tweet from our PMs handle. With a firm resolve, the impossible can emerge. We can bring a change in the communities with collective action on how we manage water resources. Let us become problem solvers,” Kalpana tweeted out from the prime minister’s social media accounts.

Source: Hindustan Times