“Unacceptable”: Foreign Minister of the Maldives’ Remarks About PM Modi

Maldives Minister of Foreign Affairs Moosa Zameer stated that the insults directed towards foreign leaders on social media by Maldivian ministers against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India are “unacceptable” and do not represent the official stance of the Maldives government.
With regard to its neighbours in particular, he said, the Maldives is still dedicated to promoting a “positive and constructive dialogue” with all of its partners.

“The recent remarks against foreign leaders and our close neighbours are unacceptable and do not reflect the official position of the Government of the Maldives,” Moosa Zameer wrote in a post shared on X. We are still dedicated to promoting an amicable and productive communication with all of our partners, particularly our neighbours, that is founded on respect and understanding for one another.”