Syed Akbaruddin

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‘No Takers for Your Malware’: At UNSC, India Tears Into Pakistan for ‘Peddling Falsehoods’ on J&K

New York: Pakistan should heal itself of its “malaise” and stop peddling falsehoods, India said at the UN Security Council on Thursday, calling the neighbour a country that epitomises the dark arts.

Criticising the UN body for its inability to counter terror from Pakista, Syed Akbaruddin — India’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations — said there were “no takers here for your malware.”

He said: “It is increasingly acknowledged that the Council faces crises of identity and legitimacy, as well as relevance and performance. The globalisation of terror networks, the weaponisation of new technologies, the inability to counter those resorting to subversive statecraft are showing up the shortcomings of the Council.”