“Shots Fired”: Zuckerberg’s Zinger Responds to Musk’s Cage Fight Announcement

Elon Musk declared on Sunday that his envisioned “cage fight” with CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg would be streamed live on X, formerly Twitter.

According to Musk, any fight-related revenue would be donated to good causes. In response, Zuckerberg claimed that X is not a “reliable platform” for raising money in a post on his recently established microblogging service Threads.

Shouldn’t we use a platform that is more trustworthy and capable of generating charitable donations? Musk announced the fight in a tweet, and Zuckerberg shared a screenshot of the tweet on Threads.

When Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta debuted its Twitter-like Threads platform in early July, two billionaire entrepreneurs who had previously only traded jabs from a distance became head-to-head rivals.