Ratan Tata

Photo Credit: Instagram

Ratan Tata does Throwback Thursday right with classic old pic. Internet calls him a Hollywood star

Industrialist Ratan Tata joined Intagram recently and he has been creating quite the stir on social media with his incredible posts. From adorable pictures of animals to inspirational anecdotes, Ratan Tata’s social media game keeps his followers entertained.

Though new to the gram, the former Tata group chairman is quickly learning the ways of social media and recently he came to know about the #ThrowbackThurday. And if his new post is to be considered, he is definitely acing the game.

Ratan Tata took to the gram today to post a picture from his younger days when he used to stay in Los Angeles, before returning to India. And even the internet, like us, could not believe that it was him.

Source: India Today