Pete Buttigieg

Photo Credit: Facebook

How Pete Buttigieg Became the Surprise of the Iowa Caucuses

OELWEIN, Iowa — Two days before the Iowa caucuses, Pete Buttigieg stopped for a town hall event at the Oelwein Coliseum, a 92-year-old music venue that in its heyday hosted the likes of Lawrence Welk and Sammy Kaye.

Recent history suggested there weren’t many Democrats to win over in Oelwein: After President Barack Obama won surrounding Fayette County by 12 percentage points in 2012, Donald J. Trump carried it by 19 points four years later. During the event’s question period, one man described himself to Mr. Buttigieg as a fiscally responsible “lifelong Republican” and said that “if you don’t win, I’m probably not going to vote Democratic.”

Source: The New York Times