Maria Sharapova

Photo By: Elizabeth Goodenough

‘Tennis – I’m saying goodbye’: Maria Sharapova retires at 32

Five-times Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova on Wednesday announced her retirement from tennis. The former world No 1 has been struggling for form, mainly due to her shoulder injury and it also led to a massive dip in her rankings.

The Russian took part in just two matches in this season and lost both of them.

In an emotional essay on, Sharapova, 32, wrote: “How do you leave behind the only life you’ve ever known? How do you walk away from the courts you’ve trained on since you were a little girl, the game that you love – one which brought you untold tears and unspeakable joys – a sport where you found a family, along with fans who rallied behind you for more than 28 years?”

“I’m new to this, so please forgive me. Tennis – I’m saying goodbye.”

Source: The Indian Express