Madhu NC

Photo Credit: Bangalore Mirror

BMTC bus conductor clears UPSC Mains

Here is an inspirational story of a bus conductor who cleared the UPSC mains exam by studying five hours a day. Madhu NC, who hails from a small town of Malavali in Mandya joined as a bus conductor with BMTC at the age of 19.

Recently, Madhu cleared the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Mains exam which results were released this month. Now the sky is the limit for his joy.

According to the Bangalore Mirror, Madhu cleared the prelims in June 2019 and after which he started preparing for the mains. He had to study Political Science & International Relations, Ethics, Language, General Studies (divided into three parts), Maths and Essay Writing. Madhu chose Political Science and International Relations as his optional subject. Interestingly, Madhu gave his preliminary exams in Kannada but his mains in English.

Source: The Hans India