JD(U) MLA: “Nitish Kumar ought to be the next prime minister.”

Speaking on seat distribution within the INDIA bloc, JD(U) MLA Gopal Mandal stated on Monday that Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar ought to be the next prime minister since he traversed the nation and formed the coalition.
It is fitting that Nitish Kumar be the next prime minister. He formed the INDIA bloc by travelling the entire nation. Nitish Kumar is the only person capable of holding the position of PM. Kharge? I have no idea what his name is. The JD(U) MLA remarked, “Nobody knows him; everyone knows who Nitish Kumar is.

According to Gopal Mandal, the grand old party may be the largest in the nation, but not in Bihar.

“Will Congress be able to win even if we give them 40 seats in Bihar?