“If Election Bonds Are Prohibited, Then…”: Nitin Gadkari Mentions Consequence

Nitin Gadkari, a union minister, stated that all parties should consider creating a better system because the elimination of the Electoral Bonds programme will allow for the infiltration of black money. During the late Arun Jaitley’s tenure as the nation’s finance minister, Mr. Gadkari expressed his support for the Electoral Bond Scheme in an exclusive interview with NDTV Editor-in-Chief Sanjay Pugalia.
“It is a truth that running for office requires money. That’s essential for any party,” he told NDTV.

“Party funding through bonds was the idea behind this scheme, and it will help push the economy if you want to make it number one,” Mr. Gadkari stated, alluding to the economic goals of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “What was wrong with that,”