Elon Musk Slams Advertisers for Anti-Semitism

In a furious interview on Wednesday, billionaire Elon Musk ordered advertisers who had left his social networking platform X because to antisemitic content to “go f*** yourself.”
His profanity-laced words came after a moment of repentance in a New York Times DealBook Summit interview, when he first said “I’m sorry” for a tweet on Nov. 15 that concurred with an anti-Jewish post on X.

Musk has suffered a barrage of criticism since agreeing with a user who erroneously claimed Jewish people were inciting hatred against white people on November 15, claiming the user who mentioned the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory was articulating “the actual truth.”

Musk claimed on Wednesday that he had “handed a loaded gun” to his critics, calling his tweet as arguably the worst he had ever done.