Arvind Krishna

Photo Credit: CRN

IBM to cut jobs for the first time under new CEO Arvind Krishna

International Business Machines Corp. cut an unspecified number of jobs across the US, eliminating employees in at least five states.

The company declined to comment on the total number, but the workforce reductions appear far-reaching. This will be the first time the tech giant will be executing layoffs after new CEO Arvind Krishna took over.

“IBM’s work in a highly competitive marketplace requires flexibility to constantly add high-value skills to our workforce. While we always consider the current environment, IBM’s workforce decisions are in the interest of the long-term health of our business,” company spokesman Ed Barbini said Thursday in a statement. “Recognizing the unique and difficult situation this business decision may create for some of our employees, IBM is offering subsidized medical coverage to all affected U.S. employees through June 2021.”

Source: Livemint