Arif Mohammed Khan

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‘Should have informed me’: Kerala governor on state government challenging CAA in Supreme Court

Making his stand very clear, Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan on Thursday said that he is not a rubber stamp and will apply his own mind.

Khan was reacting to the media after reports surfaced that he refused to sign an ordinance approved by the Kerala cabinet to increase the number of members in local bodies.

“I make it very clear that the Constitution does not expect me to be a rubber stamp. I have to apply my own mind. I will need time to go through what the ordinance is all about. With the assembly session soon to be convened what was the need. I have raised some questions and I need to get the answers and after that I will apply my mind. I never said I will not sign it,” said Khan.

In reply to a question that the government will return it to him if he won’t sign, Khan shot back, “who said so, there is nothing like that.”

Source: Hindustan Times