The Multiple Miscarriages Kiran Rao Reveals: “I Was Just Finding It Very Hard To Have A Child”

Kiran Rao has several headgear. She is a proud mother as well as a producer, director, and screenwriter. Superstar Aamir Khan and Kiran were married in 2005, but they divorced in 2021. Azad is still raised by Kiran and Aamir together. Kiran stated, “I had a lot of personal, physical health issues and miscarriages for five years.” Simply put, I was having a terrible time becoming a parent. Since I was eager to become a parent, Azad’s birth was… I was spared from having to choose. Of course, my only goal in life was to raise my child.
“I loved having Azad so much,” Kiran Rao continued, speaking of her son. I had some of my greatest years ever throughout those years.