Tesla’s ‘Robotaxis’ Will Launch in August, Elon Musk reveals

Tesla’s robotaxi is a futuristic self-driving car that Elon Musk unveiled at a 2019 investor event. In Musk’s idea, owners would be able to make money by leasing their self-driving cars to taxi services, with Tesla collecting a commission.

Robotaxi, Elon Musk’s idea, has encountered a number of obstacles; in 2019, it was first predicted that these vehicles will be in service by 2020. Musk conceded that there had been delays, saying, “The only critique, and it’s a valid one, is that occasionally I’m not on time.

Currently, purchasers of a new Tesla Model 3 have the option to upgrade to fully autonomous driving for an additional $12,000 above the car’s original price of $40,000.