Shikhar Dhawan Has ‘No Touch’ With His Kid Zoravar

Shikhar shared the photo on his Instagram page, people went to the comments section to express their sympathy for the batsman. One person stated, “Divorces are simpler, but as a parent, not having touch with your child is too terrible. Even the youngster suffers. Everything will improve as people have more confidence in God.” Another person commented, “The pain of writing this.” Meanwhile, a third netizen said, “We are with you, sir.”Dhawan told Humans of Bombay about visiting Zoravar in Australia and spending quality time with his only son. “When I used to visit my son in Australia for a week, he would only meet me for a few hours.” I want to spend quality time with him, have him sleep in my arms, cuddle him tightly, and show him the fatherly love he deserves. I haven’t spoken with him for the previous 5-6 months,” Dhawan stated.