Ram Charan and MS Dhoni meet. They are dubbed “Game Changers” on the internet

On Wednesday, Ram Charan, who is now in Mumbai, posted a photo of himself and former Indian captain MS Dhoni to his Instagram account. MS Dhoni sported a blue tee-shirt, while Ram Charan wore a green shirt. In the caption, Ram Charan wrote, “Soo Happy to meet India’s pride @mahi7781.” With all of their favourite icons in one frame, it is clear that the Internet was unable to remain calm. Let’s quickly review the discussion that ensued after Ram Charan’s post. Game Changers, as one commenter put it. Ram Charan’s forthcoming film is titled Game Changer. A different comment said, “Two lions meet-up.” Two GOATS Of India, who is currently in Mumbai, took a picture with a former Indian captain, according to another comment.