Govinda, a 14-year “Vanvaas” veteran, rejoins Shiv Sena and returns to politics

Throughout his lengthy career, Govinda has produced several great films. In 2004, he made a spectacular debut in electoral politics.

The actor, 60, was invited to Eknath Shinde’s party, where he was greeted with the comment that he was well-liked by all facets of society.

During the event, a tearful Govinda—who began his acting career in the 1980s and primarily made family-friendly films—spoke about how, following his initial foray into politics from 2004 to 2009, he never thought he would return to the same industry.

“I am back (in politics) after a 14-year-long ‘vanvas’ (exile),” said the politician.

If given the chance, he would work in the arts and cultural sector.

The actor remarked that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership had led to incredible national progress.