Fans of Kapil Sharma Displeased With Farah Khan For Copying Archana Puran Singh

The Great Indian Kapil Show’s next edition will include Farah Khan and Anil Kapoor. The comedy show’s creators just shared a teaser clip including an excerpt from the episode. Farah may be seen imitating Archana Puran Singh in the video. While many in the crowd laughed out at Farah’s impersonation, several were let down by it as well.But shortly after the teaser was released, several of Kapil Sharma’s supporters voiced dissatisfaction with it. It was described as “super cringe” by one user. Another person said, “This Great Indian Kapil show is just disgusting; there is nothing to laugh at.” In an earlier teaser for The Great Indian Kapil Show, Farah Khan acknowledged that she had her eye on Archana’s “judge’s chair.”