Dia Mirza

Photo Credit: Siasat.com

Dia Mirza joins nine women world leaders to fight COVID-19

Dia Mirza joins nine women leaders across the world to support a global plan for social and economic recovery from the novel Coronavirus. As part of Rise for All, a global advocacy effort, Mirza will contribute to creating a sustainable planet. In this initiative, which aims at mobilising support for the UN road map to tackle the current Covid-19 pandemic, the actor-producer will work towards funding the UN Response and Recovery Trust Fund.

Talking about it, she says, “My optimism, my belief in humanity and my faith in us during this shared experience is that we will overcome this pandemic. We will work towards building a more sustainable world by not just ensuring we adopt and follow through on the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals, but also finding individual action and individual ways to become better citizens of our planet.”

Source: Hindustan Times