Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson’s big win in UK polls, ‘special relationship’ with Narendra Modi lays base for closer ties between Britain and India

The massive win that Boris Johnson-led Conservative Party scored in UK’s most consequential general election, among other things, augurs well for ties between India and Britain. New Delhi would be considerably comfortable in dealing with Johnson — whom leftist British newspaper The Guardian has called a “sociopathic, narcissistic, glutton for power” — than leftist Jeremy Corbyn whose extreme anti-India posturing alienated most British-Indian voters who have traditionally voted Labour. This isn’t to say that desertion by the British-Indians, a 1.5 lakh-strong influential community, had caused the Opposition Labour to slump to its worst performance since 1935, but the activism shown by Britons of Indian origin against Corbyn’s clique of rancid Left was certainly notable.