Bill Gates

Microsoft founder Bill Gates shares 5 books he wants you to read in 2019

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is an avid reader. He reads up to 50 books in a year. He also shares a detailed review of these books on his blog, Gates Notes. And since past couple of years, Gates, who recently surpasses Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos as the richest man on Earth, has been sharing a list of the top books that he read in a year.

His annual book list has become a tradition for book lovers and people who are looking to start something new. Last year, Gates’ recommendation list included Bad Blood by John Carreyrou and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by famed author Yuval Noah Harari among other. This year he has shared a new list which are ‘more fiction than usual’. Gates says that all the books in his 2019’s recommendation list are “solid choices to help wrap up your 2019 or start 2020 on a good note.”