Arjun Kapoor

(Photo by Pramod Thakur/Hindustan Times/Sipa USA )

Arjun Kapoor hosts charity sale of personal closet for animals affected by Covid-19 lockdown

Actor Arjun Kapoor has come forward to host a charity sale of his personal closet for the care of stray animals during the nationwide lockdown imposed to contain coronavirus cases.

“I have been doing my best to support as many organisations I can in this crucial hour of need. Whilst we are battling with the pandemic, we must also not forget to be humane to the animals that need our help,” said Arjun. Talking of the government-imposed lockdown to contain coronavirus, the 34-year-old also addressed that “there’s been a staggering increase in animals starving on streets because their usual sources of food – like our street stalls and restaurants – have closed.”

For the online charity sale, the Panipat actor is sifting through his closet, picking out some of his most cherished pieces and photographing each piece himself.

Source: Hindustan Times