The Regime’s Score Reflected Kate Winslet’s Comedic And Chaotic Dictatorship

When it comes to music, “The Regime” creator Stephen Frears is a man of few words, according to award-winning composer Alexandre Desplat. But this was not a terrible thing. The two had previously cooperated, and Desplat enjoyed that technique since it allowed him to create pieces that he could then present to the filmmaker. Desplat was recruited for HBO’s “The Regime,” which stars Kate Winslet as the chancellor of an undisclosed Central European country. He was inspired by Winslet’s performance, design, and costumes. “The music needed to be charged with humour, but not too much,” according to him. “There also has to be an unsettling presence. There’s something unsettling about these folks. They’re nearly sad, yet they’re weird and unusual.